Meet DeCipher: An Essential Tool for Blockchain Developers!

DeCipher is an innovative tool on the Bunzz V2 platform, revolutionizing smart contract development. Powered by AI, it simplifies smart contract documentation, modification, and deployment.

This article delves into the features that make DeCipher an essential tool for blockchain developers and web3 builders.

Simplifying Smart Contract Documentation

DeCipher simplifies complex smart contract documentation, making it easy to manage. Instead of manually interpreting and editing dense code, DeCipher uses AI to generate user-friendly documentation from any EVM block explorer URL. This saves developers time, reduces errors, and improves accuracy and efficiency in contract development. 

The video below showcases DeCipher’s process of generating documentation from PolygonScan.

Integrated Editing Features

DeCipher goes beyond documentation, offering developers control and flexibility. Developers can edit smart contracts directly through the Bunzz Command Line Interface (CLI), ensuring quick and accurate changes in their preferred work environment. 

DeCipher’s ability to modify contracts post-analysis and deployment is a unique feature not found in conventional tools. 

This feature will be released soon and is expected to impact significantly as It will connect edited smart contracts to the Bunzz Smart Contract Hub.

Deployment to Any EVM Chain

Amongst other interesting features is DeCipher’s deployment flexibility. After editing a contract via CLI, it can be directly deployed to any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain from the platform.

This feature will be released soon alongside Bunzz CLI and will streamline the process from development to live application, eliminating complexities and saving developers valuable time.

DeCipher GPT

DeCipher GPT allows users to ask questions about the documented smart contract. It provides valuable insights into the contract’s use case and other relevant information.

By providing in-depth insights, clarification, and efficient issue resolution, DeCipher GPT empowers users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to the smart contract.

DeCipher Chrome Extension

DeCipher’s launch includes its Chrome Extension – the ultimate solution for developers seeking flexibility across block explorers!

The DeCipher Chrome Extension comes packed with all the powerful features previously mentioned, ensuring that developers can access its capabilities seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Even better, the DeCipher Chrome Extension is compatible with multiple block explorers and embeds smoothly. You have the freedom to choose your preferred platform while still enjoying the convenience and efficiency of DeCipher.

DeCipher Chrome Extension is easy to install; The process is simple: just install it, and you’ll have access to its powerful features, which makes it a must-have tool in any web3 developer’s arsenal.

Watch this demo of how to use the DeCipher Chrome Extension.


Bunzz V2 is a major advancement in DApp development, especially with the integration of DeCipher. This transformative tool promises streamlined and efficient DApp development. Developers and web3 builders are excited about DeCipher, expecting unparalleled power and simplicity that could redefine the DApp landscape.

Get started with DeCipher now and generate comprehensive smart contract documentation for free!

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