Asia’s Largest Development Infrastructure ‘Bunzz’ Integrates ChatGPT-based Web3 Document Generation AI ‘DeCipher’: Pre-Registration Now Open!

What is DeCipher?

DeCipher is a service that can generate high-accuracy developer-friendly documents by using smart contracts and ABIs on the blockchain as input sources, prompts for GPT fine-tuned for contract analysis, and a processing system developed in-house. When attempting to generate documents with a regular GPT with no tuning, the lack of necessary information and incorrect answers return, so reliable analysis results cannot be obtained. On the other hand, DeCipher, which specializes in contract analysis, has achieved accuracy that withstands the quality demanded by web3 developers. Although it does not guarantee 100% accuracy, in user tests, we received evaluations such as ‘the content was accurate and useful’ and ‘I can’t believe it’s GPT-based’, and we look forward to everyone using it.

Priority document experience of DeCipher for pre-registrants

Pre-register here (free) →

From the users who registered from the above link, we will send you information on the launch of DeCipher in order. Prior to the launch in late July 2023, we will send an invitation to the closed beta version by lottery from the registered accounts.

Sample of document generated by DeCipher

We also provide a Chrome Extension that can place a generate button on Block Explorer
We also provide a Chrome Extension that can place a generate button on Block Explorer

Acquisition of supplementary information by chat, code editing and deployment by CLI are also possible

DeCipher not only generates documents, but also has the following features.

  1. Ask questions in chat format about the generated results
  2. Editing and deploying the source code of the analyzed smart contract

With these feature sets, we have realized a ‘development tool specialized in fork development of existing contracts’ that can obtain documents from all contracts on-chain, understand the content, and edit the code for the DApp you want to develop and deploy to all EVM-compatible chains.

The history of development and the ‘negative’ of DApp development that DeCipher solves

Many DApps are developed with reference to existing smart contracts deployed on the blockchain, but since there are no documents on the contracts on the chain, it was necessary to read and understand the source code for a long time. We developed DeCipher as a solution to this negative for web3 developers.

DeCipher is scheduled to launch as one of the features of ‘Bunzz v2’

Bunzz is a development platform for DApps (decentralized applications using blockchain). By providing frequently used contracts that have been modularized, the development difficulty dramatically decreases. Over 10,000 web3 developers have used it in about a year since its launch, and the number of DApp projects deployed on the blockchain has exceeded 4,500. (Product page: ) This time, Bunzz plans to launch the first major update, ‘v2’, in late July. DeCipher is a key function of v2Bunzz pte ltd, the operator of the DApp development infrastructure ‘Bunzz’, which aims to be the ‘web3 version of github’, has begun pre-registration for its service ‘DeCipher’, which provides developer-oriented document generation based on ChatGPT. By simply entering the URL of a contract on Block Explorer into DeCipher, we will provide a user experience where you can obtain high-accuracy documents for free.