Bunzz, a DApp development platform, aims to create a Smart Contract Ecosystem and become a utopia for Web3 developers

Bunzz is a Web3 development platform that allows you to easily deploy a DApp by combining modularized smart contracts like Legos.

Not only native modules provided by Bunzz, but also a handful of modules developed by smart contract experts are going to be available; just like Docker Hub’s repository service, you can easily use modules developed by other users. (This Repository functionality will be implemented in Q2 2022)

By adopting a unique token economics (described below) and giving profits back to module creators, we aim to scale the number of smart contract libraries to become a highly valuable DApp development platform.

We want to support OSS developers in the Web3 space.

Bunzz not only wants to provide value as a development support tool, but also to solve the dilemma that current Open Source Software developers are facing.
Although log4j is a wonderful OSS, it was heavily criticized when vulnerabilities were discovered. Developers worked hard to fix the bugs, but there was no return on their efforts.
This is not the only case, but there is a spreading awareness among OSS developers that they are not getting any compensation on their contributions, leading to a decrease in motivation and a shrinkage of innovation.

Sustainable Incentives for OSS Developers with Token Economics

Bunzz has solved this challenge with its own token economics plan, designing product updates to ensure that developers of smart contract modules and auditors of the contracts receive appropriate compensation.
Specifically, we are considering a mechanism whereby Module developers will be paid Bunzz Tokens when uploading smart contract modules to the Bunzz Repository and whenever they are used in other DApp projects .

What kind of projects can be built with Bunzz?

From time to time, we receive feedback that “modularized smart contracts only allow for the development of PoC-level DApps”. Indeed, for instance, Bunzz is not optimized for developing game-changing DeFi Dapps with complex and original algorithms. Our focus is on more generic DApps.
As Nik, -founder of Decentology- has said, about 80% of the technology stack that makes up a typical DApp is the traditional technology stack, such as front-end and server, and about 20% are smart contracts that require special skills.

In other words, even for seemingly complex services, smart contracts running on-chain are often very simple, and Bunzz can support extensive DApp development through the use of versatile modules.

Examples of DApps developed by Bunzz

NFTMKR.xyz is a unique service that allows you to Mint and turn your profile image into an NFT by entering your twitter ID. The developer did not write a single line of smart contract, but used Bunzz’s Mint module instead. The development time was about 2 weeks, including the development of the UI and the mechanism to call the Bunzz SDK from the UI.

Security of Bunzz’s Smart Contract Modules

Bunzz’s smart contract modules are audited. Users do not need to worry about security or spend time dealing with it.

And finally

We are sure that Bunzz will help the increasing number of developers who want to try the Web3 scene. Also, we would love to have your feedback.

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