Bunzz Web3 Infrastructure and Oasys’ Gaming-Focused Blockchain Verse, ‘HOME Verse’, Collaborate on Co-developed Smart Contract Module for Accelerated BCG Development

Bunzz, a DApp development infrastructure aiming to be the “Web3 GitHub,” and double jump.tokyo Inc., the operator of HOME Verse, a gaming-focused blockchain Verse powered by Oasys, have formed a partnership to develop frequently used smart contract modules to support enterprises advancing in BCG development.

What is Bunzz?

Bunzz is a development platform for DApps. Web3 development requires specialized programs called “smart contracts,” which have presented challenges due to their high development complexity and difficulty in ensuring security. Bunzz addresses this by providing modularized, frequently used contracts, dramatically simplifying the UX. Within approximately one year of launch, over 10,000 web3 developers have registered, and the number of DApp projects recorded on the blockchain has surpassed 4,500. (Product page: https://bunzz.dev/)

What is “HOME Verse”?

HOME Verse is a certified Verse developed and operated by double jump.tokyo Inc., specialized for gaming on the Oasys blockchain. Users can enjoy a wide range of blockchain games at high speed and with no gas fees. Featuring concept-free flexibility, it caters to major game operators as well as indie game developers.

Background of the “Bunzz x HOME Verse” Partnership

Bunzz is a smart contract development platform that enables easy management, storage, and deployment of modularized smart contracts to the blockchain through a GUI. It also features a “Smart Contract Hub” that allows other users to access and utilize modularized contracts from a public repository (https://app.bunzz.dev/explorer).

It is possible to abstract and modularize frequently used smart contracts in blockchain game development supported by HOME Verse. Following the partnership, BCG-specific contract modules will be developed and pre-registered in the “Smart Contract Hub.” This will provide an environment where enterprises considering entry into the web3 space can smoothly conduct PoCs (Proof of Concepts).

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