New features & Updates to the Module templates Upload process in Bunzz Repository

For all developers who already started contributing to our open source Smart Contract Hub by uploading their own custom modules templates in Bunzz Repository we now have some updates to complete the process in our GUI..

New Features:

  • Now you can deploy your Modules in any version of Solidity
  • Now you can enable an Optimization Flag


  • OpenZeppelin Version required is 4.3.2

Select the version of Solidity

Now you can deploy your Modules in any version of Solidity, like shown in the image below and you are not longer limited to use only version 0.8.0 like before

Enable an Optimization Flag

Now you can optionally enable an Optimization Flag that makes the compiler attempt to improve the performance and/or code size at the expense of compilation time and possibly the ability to debug the program.

You can select as shown in the image below.

New OpenZeppelin Version

The OpenZeppelin Version required to upload your smart contracts is 4.3.2

In case the latest OpenZeppelin version is required, you can use them by copying them to the uploaded directory.

For example, IERC20.sol can be used by moving it from

import '@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/IERC20.sol' 


 import './interfaces/IERC20.sol'.

Start uploading your smart contract Modules in Bunzz Repository here:

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