Introduction to Bunzz SDK: Key functionality for a speedy DApp development process

Bunzz SDK is a client-side library to interact with smart contracts deployed by Bunzz

This is a brief and broad overview of Bunzz SDK functionality and its dependencies.

We are constantly improving and updating it for blockchain developers to figure out how their Dapp building process can be accelerated and become smoother by reducing lines of code and the hassles involved in many Ethers.js methods calls that get wrapped and simplified significantly when using Bunzz SDK.

Our API allows you to save development time when it comes to connecting your deployed smart contracts in Bunzz with your frontend application to finish your DApp.

When you create a new  Bunzz project, you can get the API key and DApp ID on the Client SDK page. By passing those values to Bunzz SDK, you can connect it to the Bunzz project you created, and you can perform the following and more:

  • Connect to different chains
  • Connect and get smart contracts addresses, including ABI and transactions
  • Read on-chain status 

All these and more can be done using the Bunzz SDK in a smoother and much easier way than coding the whole set of functions and methods calls using Ethers.js.

Bunzz SDK Functionality:

If you’re wondering what Bunzz SDK can do for you, let’s start by refreshing our notion of what an SDK is. It stands for Software Development Kit, and is a collection of software development tools in one installable package. They facilitate the creation of applications by having a compiler, a debugger, and sometimes a software framework. They are typically specific to a hardware platform and operating system combination. 

The Bunzz SDK is a Javascript library that provides accessible interfaces to interact with smart contracts deployed by Bunzz (Bunzz Modules). It synchronizes a front-end application and the smart contracts deployed in Bunzz, allowing the front-end app to interact with the smart contracts seamlessly. 

It includes functions such as:

  • Smart contract compilation
  • Interacting with JSON-RPC interfaces
  • Connecting with wallet address (Metamask and WalletConnect)
  • Connecting and getting Smart Contracts’ Address and ABI
  • Constructing and sending Transactions and Reading on-chain Status
  • Contract subscription events
  • Encoding and decoding data with ABI


Bunzz SDK includes the following dependencies installed:

Installation and Version:

At the moment the latest is version 1.2.3

You can always check out the latest version in our official nmp page here

For further details on how to install Bunzz SDK please refer to our official Bunzz Documentation here


Bunzz is helping to increase the number of blockchain developers who want to contribute to the Web3 scene. We would love to have your feedback.

Feel free to reach out to us on Discord!

Get to know more about Bunzz and start building your Dapps now!

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